Standard Monument Types and Sizes

McKenzie Monuments offers a large selection of granite monuments and headstones. Many sizes are in stock, but if we do not have what you are looking for, please Contact Us or call us at 870-793-3216 and we will help you find the perfect monument to honor your loved one.

Upright Monuments

Front Profile of Upright Monument

Upright monuments are thick, flat polished granite monuments. Uprights rest upon a base, and they stand up straight with a surface that is flat. Upright monuments offer the most room for information about your loved one and can be personalized.

Upright Monument Types:

Serpentine Top (In Stock), Round Top, and Flat Top


Small Infant to as large as space can allow

2' to 5' sizes in stock

Slant Monument

Side Profile of a Slant Monument

Slant monuments are in between a bevel and an upright. Slants sit up further like an upright, but they are slanted so that the surface of the monument is not completely flat. Slanted monuments are thicker at the base and thin out more towards the top of the monument. Slant monuments are sometimes set on their own or on top of a base.

Slant Monument Types

Serpentine Top and Flat Top-with-Rounds

Slant Monument Sizes:

2'-0" x 0'-10" x 1'-4" 3'-0" x 0'-10" x 1'-4"
2'-6" x 0'-10" x 1'-4" 3'-6" x 0'-10" x 1'-4"

All in stock

Bevel Monuments

Side Profile of Bevel Monument

Bevel (or Hickey) monuments are much like grass markers, except that it has a slight bevel to allow it to be more visible and readable.

Bevel Sizes:

18" x 8" 2' x 1' 3'-6" x 1'
20" x 10" 3' x 1' 4' x 1'

All in stock

Grass Marker

Side Profile of Grass Marker

These monuments lay flat on the ground almost even with the top of the grass.

Grass Marker Sizes:

18" x 8" 2' x 1' 3'-6" x 1'
20" x 10" 3' x 1' 4' x 1'

All in stock


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